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Jumat, 21 Desember 2012

Mom and Dad.

Dear Mom&Dad....
I'm sorry for....
  • Ignoring you when you tried to talk to me
  • Complaining about how irritating you are
  • Yelling at you
  • Taking you for granted
  • Coming home late
  • Being embarassed about your presence
But even though i was so, i really love you!

By the way today's Mother's Day, I wanted to say
Happy Mother's Day mom, i love you so damn much!
Sorry if this don't listen to what mom said to me.
Sorry if this is still a lie.
Thank you take care of me until I had this big.

Maaf gabisa ngasih apa-apa. Cuma ucapan sederhana yang bisa aku kasih.

One day I will reply to all what you gave me. I'll make you proud of me.

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